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Do you want to get the complete and permanent solution for the mold problems? If so, then you are with the right name that you can completely trust on. Baron Restoration is one of the most trusted and well-known which has been in the industry for 24 years and providing its clients and customers with the best kind of mold testing Minneapolis services.

Apart from testing the mold and preventing the mold problem to get converted into something serious and bigger, the experts at Baron Restoration make sure to provide the customers with the expected mold removal Minneapolis solutions.

Providing Top Quality Mold Testing and Inspection Service

We just don’t believe praising ourselves over the others rather we believe giving you solid and valid points for proving our consistency and commitment towards our work. We make one of the best choices because of the following reasons:

24/7 availability

We are not one of those who work according to our convenience but we are those who prefer working according to the convenience of our customers and clients. We make sure that we are the first one to be available to our customers at the time of their emergency. Thus, our team of professionals and experts are available for all your needs and requirements at all the time. You can get in touch with us anywhere and at any time, including the holidays and can expect only the best response and outcome.

Faster assistance

No matter how big and dangerous the disaster is in its size and strength, we always try to be ahead and faster than that. We understand that even a small problem can become big within no time and thus we are always on our toes to assist you with the best of assistance for the mold remediation Minneapolis requirements. Our quick and instant response helps to reduce the damage of the mold problem to the maximum extent.

Market trusted name

Baron restoration is one of the few names which have gained the trust and recommendation from many experts in the industry. Our work and solution have considerably gained popularity and appreciation in the market. Thus, all our customers trust us with our services and solutions.

Modern technique and equipment

Just like our working approach, all our working equipment and techniques compliment the modern and the advanced ways of working. We make sure to use only the latest and update version of modern techniques and equipment that can surely minimize the problem and maximize the positive solution. These modern techniques help us to be accurate in the mold inspection Minneapolis and thus help us to be aware of the situation.

Professionals and trained specialist

We have a great team of experts and professionals who are specialists in their job and working domain. They have the best of training and out of the box thinking for dealing with all kinds of problems and troubles. Our experience and expertise in the market further add up to our success rate in dealing with the problem and providing with the best solutions. We are quite confident with the skills and professionalism that our team members possess during the time of emergencies.

Direct insurance

We are trusted by most of the insurance companies and thus we can help you to get all your insurance claims right with you within no time and without any troubles. We are here to deal with all the complications so that you don't have to.

Are you at a risk of mold problem?

You can be at a risk of a mold problem, if:

  1. Indoor humidity is more than 45%

  2. You smell a strong and musty smell

  3.  Your house is prone to moisture and is exposed to water

Our Residential and Commercial Mold Remediation process

It is very important to take good care of all the dangerous molds in your home for eliminating and avoiding any bigger problem. Thus, you must be aware of the mold remediation process for being sure that the work and provided solutions will be as per your needs. Here is a look at the mold remediation process

1. Assessing the mold damage

The process begins with the assessment of the mold damage and inspection. The mold inspection Minneapolis makes the reason for the mold problem quite clear and evident.

2. Mold containment

The next step that is followed is containment of the mold. The step is necessary as it helps the mold problem from growing and limiting it within the limits for reducing the damage 

3. Air filtration

While controlling the damage of the mold problem, a good care is taken for filtering the air. All the nearby areas of the mold damage are taken care in terms of cleaning and filtering the air.

4. Removal of the mold

The damaged and dangerous molds are then removed from the area with proper care. Special care and attention are taken while removing the damaged molds so that it can be taken off from its root for minimizing the chances of reoccurrence.

5. Cleaning the belongings

Once the damaged mold is removed and is taken care of after the mold testing Minneapolis, the next thing which attracts the maximum attention is to clean the nearby belongings and contents. It is always taken care that no valuable and important properties or belongings are damaged during the removal of the mold.

6. Restoration

The final and concluding step of the mold remediation process is restoration. During this step, it is taken care that the entire set up is restored in the same manner as it was before the occurrence of the mold problem. Thus, you can be sure that you will get the exact and expected result as you had before the problem occurred.

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